Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ray-Bans from the olden days

My mum has brought her Ray-Bans from the early 80s. Covered in chocolate brown leather, they feel incredibly luxurious, but in an old fashioned timeless way. She has worn these glasses for thirty years, yet they feel and look better than ever. 

The other day my friend Anneke shared a great quote attributed to Tom Ford:


and I'd like to nominate these glasses as well.. simply stunning

I am concentrating on fashion in a world ravaged by Ebola and Isis and demonstrations for democracy (and hunger and poverty and natural disaster too)

Delicious Leeuwin Estate wine from Margaret River in South Western Australia, a few hours south of Perth (the Dutch were among the early explorers to discover this beautiful part of Australia, and Leeuwin is the Dutch word for Lioness)

Although I can do shallow better than most, I haven't been feeling inspired in a world that is scarier than it has ever been in my lifetime. My parents are here in Hong Kong visiting from Holland and we sat outside on my terrace today, in glorious warm weather, drinking white wine in the sun. Whenever we do, I think of an Australian singer from Perth, Tim Minchin, who turns sharing white wine into an ode to family and belonging, while having a gentle dig at organized religion at the same time. With Christmas coming up, and many of us expatriates planning for trips home to our families, this is a nice one to listen to. I still love fashion... It's just that sometimes it feels so ludicrous to talk about the must-have new heel height that I find myself avoiding fashion blogging altogether.

Listen to Tim Minchin HERE, if you too feel conflicted about your (shallow) passion sometimes.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Casual dinner outfit with Band of Outsiders Trousers

Lele Sadoughi pearl slider necklace
H&M clutch
Band of Outsiders trousers
Valentino shoes
Reed Krakoff top

Lele Sadoughi Pearl Slider Necklace

I am properly infatuated with pearls at the moment, but sorting through the faux, cultured, and sweet water varieties in my wardrobe I am not feeling inspired.

I love this pearl slider necklace by Lele Sadoughi, though. It's a fresher modern take on pearls, which would be great over a plain t-shirt or jumper.  Find it HERE.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Matching blue and camel on an uncongested but very polluted day in Hong Kong

J.Crew cashmere jumper
Zara lace skirt
Valentino Rockstud shoes
Serapian bag

I have been in so many traffic jams lately. Hours and hours of traffic jams on Stubbs Road, on Robinson Road, on Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, on Pokfulam Road. I have started to dress for the car: flat shoes, and sweat shirts to stay warm in the ice cold air conditioning (which is a must to avoid the humidity). And then today I drove to school 90 minutes early in anticipation of more traffic, but there were almost no cars on the road. I read in the South China Morning Post this morning that police were going to clear barricades on some roads, and maybe that's what they did. I love democracy and I also love clear roads - if only the students can achieve that feat (and solve the pollution problem too perhaps), I may never ever leave Hong Kong.

I am putting on a car-unfriendly outfit as we speak. Heels and lace! I am elated at the prospect of being uncomfortable. And I love a good match. How pretty is this petrol blue lace Zara skirt? I took my blue Rockstuds out of semi-retirement to do a perfectly matchy-matchy outfit. The jumper is boxy with square armholes. I am doing bright coral red Tom Ford lips.

China pollution is so shockingly bad - look at the view out of my window today. There is supposed to be a big island right in front of us.

This is the same view from further away on an extremely rare clear day (usually after heavy rain).

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wide leg jeans are back - here is my favorite style: the Marrakesh by MIH

The Umbrella Revolution has stopped Hong Kong in its tracks - but I am not complaining. Well that may not be entirely true - I did complain a few times sitting in monster traffic jams on the few roads that are open. But the fact is, this student protest has made me feel even more connected to Hong Kong, and even more sure that this city is a good place to raise my children. The students of Hong Kong are lovely young people, with impeccable manners and the kind of bravery our spoilt Western offspring could learn a lot from.

As the city is hesitantly returning to business as usual there is now a distinct autumn freshness in the evening air, and I am slowly bringing out my lightweight jackets and trousers.

Wide leg jeans by MIH
T-shirt Gap
Jacket in clashing Harris Tweed and silk - my own design (says she as Coco turns in her grave)

The very best wide leg jeans (says the girl with the Chanel fetish) are the mid-rise Marrakesh by MIH Jeans from London (find them HERE). The flare is not too exaggerated but not too shy - and they look good on everyone. When you wear them with the hem almost touching the floor over high heels, they make any leg look long and lean. I have had mine for years - come to think of it, they may actually have been a good investment.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2015 - these raw jeans are slightly more boxy - I will stick with the flattering legs of my MIHs, but I am grateful to Nicholas Ghesquiere for the sentiment.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Valentino Spring Summer 2015 - Favorite Show So Far

baroque print dresses

a neutral with jeweled collar

colored eyelet dresses

And an eyelet shirt dress - we did eyelet shirt dresses for JDCamicetta last summer, and we could not keep them in stock. The perfect combination of sporty and girly.