Sunday, October 26, 2014

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

There are two things in Hong Kong I really dislike: the pollution and the city's lack of art museums. In London and New York we hardly ever spent a weekend not looking at art somewhere, but in Hong Kong there are very few places to do so.

The Umbrella Revolution, however, is making up for six years of aimlessly walking through shopping malls (I am exaggerating for effect of course, what's not to love about HK shopping malls). Have a look at the beautiful sights of the Wanchai protest zone below. 

you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

a beautiful wall of Post-It notes,  dubbed "Lennon Lane"

umbrellas as installation art

I don't know what this says although from the yellow ribbon I assume the artist is supportive of the cause

tiny paper umbrellas decorate the entrance to these escalators

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Label Focus: O'2nd from Korea at Harvey Nichols and D-Mop

O'2nd motor cycle style jacket in super soft waffle knit fabric with beautiful decorative stitching and almost couture quality fit - find O'2nd at Harvey Nichols and D-Mop in Hong Kong. 

As much as I love the thrill of a good high street find, I still very much appreciate a beautifully made intricate piece of clothing. O'2nd design team Gene Kang and Hanii Yoon are also the creators of Hanii Y. If you are in Harvey Nicks Hong Kong, check the clothes out on the 4th floor - you won't be disappointed.  You can also find some at and, but these are not clothes that translate well online. You have to see them up close, feel them, and try them on to fully appreciate their distinctiveness.

O'2nd Resort 2015

O'2nd Fall Winter 2014

O'2nd Spring Summer 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glitter shoes may just draw too much attention to feet

Feet, like knees, are not always the prettiest of body parts. Hedi Slimane, the critically derided phenomenally successful designer of Saint Laurent loves glitter, and he has used it on shoes and bags with reckless abandon this season. I love glitter as well, but I would not spend proper money on it. Therefore yet another Zara product dirties graces my pages. If I weren't so keen on the freedom to have a wickedly emotional breakdown on this blog ever so often, I might be seeking referral fees from my favorite Spaniards, the designers product developers at Inditex. In stores now...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ray-Bans from the olden days

My mum has brought her Ray-Bans from the early 80s. Covered in chocolate brown leather, they feel incredibly luxurious, but in an old fashioned timeless way. She has worn these glasses for thirty years, yet they feel and look better than ever. 

The other day my friend Anneke shared a great quote attributed to Tom Ford:


and I'd like to nominate these glasses as well.. simply stunning

I am concentrating on fashion in a world ravaged by Ebola and Isis and demonstrations for democracy (and hunger and poverty and natural disaster too)

Delicious Leeuwin Estate wine from Margaret River in South Western Australia, a few hours south of Perth (the Dutch were among the early explorers to discover this beautiful part of Australia, and Leeuwin is the Dutch word for Lioness)

Although I can do shallow better than most, I haven't been feeling inspired in a world that is scarier than it has ever been in my lifetime. My parents are here in Hong Kong visiting from Holland and we sat outside on my terrace today, in glorious warm weather, drinking white wine in the sun. Whenever we do, I think of an Australian singer from Perth, Tim Minchin, who turns sharing white wine into an ode to family and belonging, while having a gentle dig at organized religion at the same time. With Christmas coming up, and many of us expatriates planning for trips home to our families, this is a nice one to listen to. I still love fashion... It's just that sometimes it feels so ludicrous to talk about the must-have new heel height that I find myself avoiding fashion blogging altogether.

Listen to Tim Minchin HERE, if you too feel conflicted about your (shallow) passion sometimes.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Casual dinner outfit with Band of Outsiders Trousers

Lele Sadoughi pearl slider necklace
H&M clutch
Band of Outsiders trousers
Valentino shoes
Reed Krakoff top

Lele Sadoughi Pearl Slider Necklace

I am properly infatuated with pearls at the moment, but sorting through the faux, cultured, and sweet water varieties in my wardrobe I am not feeling inspired.

I love this pearl slider necklace by Lele Sadoughi, though. It's a fresher modern take on pearls, which would be great over a plain t-shirt or jumper.  Find it HERE.